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What kind of Vegetarian are you? 7 types of Vegetarians

We all heard about Vegetarianism and I am sure each of us has at least one friend that adopted this lifestyle. The reasons why people chose to restrict their diet are multiple, but the main argument goes for environmental issues. Vegetarianism is primarily a decision to live a more empathetic life in harmony with other living forms. To live for others and not only for oneself. There is a strong intention to have a lower impact on the Earth and to cultivate kindness. But what exactly does it mean to be a Vegetarian? As the word becomes more and more popular, some clarity on the types of Vegetarians needs to be done:   1. Vegan Vegans have the most restricted diet....

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6 Bamboo Products That Will Make Your Life Zero Waste

Plastic pollution remains a huge problem and the numbers are truly frightening. For instance, since the 1950's we've produced around 8.3 billion of plastic worldwide, from which ONLY 9% has been recycled! You now probably wonder: ‘wait, we have produced? I have nothing to do with it, just living my life as usual’… However, the truth is that our daily habits have a profound impact on the environment. You would be surprised by how much plastic you buy and throw away. Look around. Do you see your plastic toothbrush in your bathroom or that plastic comb that you use every day? After reading this article, you won’t look at them in the same way. We hope to bring you different and fresh perspective...

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Bambooco - a Zero Waste Revolution!

We would like to introduce our newest project- Bambooco, an online shop with natural products only. Bambooco is a special place that will not only give you the most eco- friendly products but will also raise awareness on sustainable and healthy lifestyle, free from toxic and synthetic materials. Bambooco creates a lifestyle that is ecological but still comfortable. A lifestyle that we want to share with our loved ones. A lifestyle that we want to pass over to the next generation.

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