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Know Your Enemy: The Secret Life of Microplastic.

Have you ever heard of microplastic? After reading this article you'll get to know your enemy a bit more!  image source: Oregon State University (under CC BY-SA 2.0) What is Microplastic? Microplastic is a very tiny piece of plastic that in length is less than 5mm.  These microplastic particles are seriously polluting the environment. It's believed that up to 75% of microplastics found in our oceans are from the breakdown of large plastic materials such as bottles and plastic bags.   How Are Microplastics Created? Microplastics are created by a range of sources including larger plastic debris that breaks down into these small pieces.  These microbeads are microplastics that are very small manufactured polyethylene plastics. These microplastics are commonly added to...

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The Benefits of Moving Away from Plastics

The use of plastics has been on a steady incline since the 1970s, and the impact that this massive increase in plastic use has had on the environment is unquestionable. As more and more companies pledge to reduce or even eliminate their use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, it is more important than ever to understand exactly why society needs to move away from plastics in favor of environmentally friendly options. Let’s take a closer look at the 4 main reason why moving away from plastics is beneficial. Plastic debris travels far Plastic debris doesn’t just end up in landfills. It ends up in rivers, in lakes, in oceans—and all around the world. The recent discovery of plastic debris in...

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Why we Need to Invest in our Planet, not in Plastic

Our world, animals and bodies are choking on plastic, but we have the power to change that.   With science awakening us to frightening facts about plastic pollution, the reasons for avoiding plastic are forever multiplying. Yes, it can seem overwhelming, however products made from natural materials are an alternative that bring so much hope.   Why we Need to Avoid Plastics We are told that “32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced annually... flows into our oceans.” This fact from is made even more concerning by the reality that if nothing changes, by 2050 “there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.” This is only 31 years away. We witness the pain...

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