How to EFFECTIVELY Convince Your Family & Friends to Quit Plastic?

5 Tips and Tricks


5 Strong Arguments

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Tired of trying to convince your close ones to be more ECONSCIOUS? Frustrated that your friends and fam think that it’s all too woo-woo and hippie? We got you. Here you will find everything you need to be more convincing! Use these arguments and win your next dinner discussion by arguing that protecting the Planet should be a responsibility of all mankind, regardless political, economic or social views.Maybe even the-always-sceptical uncle Matthew will switch his plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one?


Firstly, some tips and tricks…

 1. Be an environmental Jedi
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You are deeply passionate about the topic of plastic pollution. We feel you. However, stay calm and hold your horses. No matter how much annoyed or impatient you are by either being ignored or attacked when you are bringing the environmental issues as a discussion topic, stay calm, confident and try to control your emotions.

 2. Avoid arguments 'ad personam' and use arguments 'ad rem' instead
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That is, rather than saying you are just stupid and ignorant, you just don’t care at all that is offensive and too personal,say: I think that you would be surprised to hear that plastic harms animal, plants and over time, even us, human beings because of its toxicity - it takes literally thousands of years to break down and that cause irreversible damage to the environment.

 3. Say 'we' instead of 'you'
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Ok, let’s be real. No one likes to be schooled or disciplined. Therefore, the narrative ‘you guys are bad and don’t care about the environment’ implies that you feel superior than your listeners. That will instantly create distance and cold treatment. Instead, say ‘we all should do more to protect the Planet and use less plastic. Nobody is perfect but at least we can try, right?’.  By saying this, you will show that you are a team player which would contradict a negative stereotype of eco-aware people being condescending and not inclusive.

 4. Don’t be boring
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Present your knowledge in several short points. That will save the time for everyone and allow your listeners to be intrigued because they will see that you are reaaallyyy well-informed. When you see your aunt Lucy drinking water, say: “Auntie, did you know that plastic toxins in garbage sites seep into the ground and groundwater which, in turn, people drink? If only we would be more proactive to avoid plastic, your water would be safer to drink.”

 5. Be compassionate and understanding
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Real eco worriers never attack aggressively, they just defend the Planet in the best way possible. Show to your listeners that you understand their financial struggle and present down-to-earth solutions because not everyone lives in Northern and Western Europe or in California. Say: I understand that plastic is cheap and that you can buy it everywhere but there are some budget-friendly ways to become ECOnscious, such as buying bamboo toothbrushes that are not expensive, instead of plastic ones. I think they also look more stylish in your bathroom instead of the cheesy plastic ones’.


…and now some solid arguments:


1. The planet is filled with tiny organisms that animals rely on for food

If these organisms are poisoned, animals are consuming the organisms as well as plastic and ingesting toxins.  These toxins work their way up through other animals including the fish that people eat.


2. There are tons of plastic products dumped in the ocean

These plastic products have a horrible impact on marine life. Many animals in the ocean have died from these plastics being digested or those that become wrapped up in plastic they cannot escape from.  Many communities that rely on fishing are losing their livelihoods because the fish supply is steadily dropping.  The bottom line, many regions around the world are facing serious issues from water sources being polluted by plastic.


3. Plastic products that people just toss on the ground are carried off by the wind 
These products can become entangled in trees, fences, other structures, and even traffic lights.  Not only are these items dangerous but also are a really big eye-sore as well.  When animals come in contact with these products and become entangled, they will often die from suffocation.  If an animal consumes plastic it can poison them from the toxins that land in their stomachs. Almost 200 different species will ingest plastic debris and suffer from irreparable damage and illnesses.


4. To help our Planet,

let’s look for products that are made from materials that are naturally organically grown that when disposed of will decompose naturally and not harming the planet.


5. Your toothbrush is predominantly made from plastic materials

Because plastic is made from synthetic materials, they are a leading producer of pollution in the environment.  These synthetic materials prevent plastic from decomposing in a natural way.  Unless this item is recycled, it will end up somewhere polluting sewage systems and eventually will find its way into our oceans.

Bamboo has a much smaller ecological footprint compared to plastic because bamboo it's biodegradable.The bamboo plant grows very quickly, needs very little care, and will continue to thrive without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. By the way, bamboo toothbrushes are considered the oldest in the world. They were invented by the Chinese in the 15th century and were made with boar hair bristles along with bamboo handles.   

Once you are finished with the toothbrush, you can compost the handles after removing the bristles or use the handles for other purposes such as plant markers for your garden. 


Good luck! Let us know if that was helpful in your discussions with friends and family! Share your story on how you try to convince more people to go ECOnscious at on Insta or on our FB page!



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    Pleasure to see the gentle and effective ways to be econscious. With calmness things are more easy. Inspiration🌍🙏

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