Bambooco - a Zero Waste Revolution!

We would like to introduce you Bambooco - a new platform promoting Healthy and Zero Waste lifestyle.

Starting our own business - that has always been the biggest dream of ours. However, what drives us is much bigger than the financial profit. Deeply caring about the future of our Planet, we strongly believe that all our actions must have a positive impact on People’s Lives and on the Environment in general. 


According to the United Nations Environment Assembly, the plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to the Environment. 
plastic waste recycling diagram

The numbers are truly alarming. Every year, more than 8 billion tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans ( Moreover, from all the plastic produced worldwide annually, only 14% is being recycled.
Knowing all the data, we decided to step in. What we can do to change that? Is there an efficient, affordable and available solution that we can implement at comfort of our own home? How we can replace plastic? Is that even possible?
The only way to save the planet is to start from ourselves - change our habits by moving away from artificial materials in products that we use everyday.


Thanks to its remarkable qualities, a Bamboo is the answer.
diagram fastest growing bamboo
Bearing in mind its extremely fast growing properties (up to 35inch per day) - Bamboo is the best substitute for synthetic plastics. Bambooco is a special place that will not only give you the most eco- friendly products but will also raise awareness on sustainable and healthy lifestyle, free from toxic and synthetic materials. Bambooco creates a lifestyle that is ecological but still comfortable. A lifestyle that we want to share with our loved ones. A lifestyle that we want to pass on to the next generation.
We are convinced that this is a right path to follow, let's walk this path together towards the better Future.

Read more about our Natural & Eco-Friendly products and join the Bambooco community at Bambooco blog.

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