6 Bamboo Products That Will Make Your Life Zero Waste

zero waste bamboo comb products

Plastic pollution remains a huge problem and the numbers are truly frightening. For instance, since the 1950's we've produced around 8.3 billion of plastic worldwide, from which ONLY 9% has been recycled!

You now probably wonder: ‘wait, we have produced? I have nothing to do with it, just living my life as usual’… However, the truth is that our daily habits have a profound impact on the environment. You would be surprised by how much plastic you buy and throw away.

Look around. Do you see your plastic toothbrush in your bathroom or that plastic comb that you use every day? After reading this article, you won’t look at them in the same way. We hope to bring you different and fresh perspective that will advance your shopping list to be more environmentally conscious!

And remember, the only way to help the Planet is to start from ourselves, today. Step by step, by changing our routine, by replacing the plastic things we normally use with the zero waste, eco-friendly Bamboo products, we can bring the good change much faster. It’s life changing!

That being said, let's dive in!

1. Bamboo Straws

bamboo straw in a glass cup

Who doesn’t love refreshing cold drinks during hot summer days! But what if that little pleasure may contribute to the massive destruction of the marine life?

500.000.000 - that’s the ginormous amount of plastic straws thrown away in just one day in the US! Furthermore, the size of the straws is very small so there's a greater chance for it to be missed or lost during the recycling process. Fortunately, European Union, UK and some of the US states are banning plastic straws.

But that mean someday you might even not be able to get one! So how we are be able to fully enjoy the cold drink?

No worries, the answer are Bamboo Straws. They are Zero waste, best substitute for plastic. What can be more ecological than a product made of a natural material? And what is more efficient than a material that is able to grow up to 1 m per day?!


2. Cotton Buds

bamboo cotton buds

Don't be fooled by this little fella… The innocent looking plastic cotton buds are actually one of the biggest threats to the marine life and the whole life on a Planet. Because some people treat toilet as a trash bin and because of their small size, up to over 60% of savage litter that is found on the beaches consists of cotton buds. 

Would you believe that this popular hygiene item is actually creating so much pollution? Ironic, isn’t it?

But again, the solution is Bamboo.

If you want your Planet clean you'd better use a Cotton Buds with a bamboo handle instead of plastic. 


3. Toothbrush

bamboo toothbrush

Every year, 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used worldwide. Since we brush our teeth every day, it is essential to be aware how this daily habit can impact our world.

Unfortunately, no good news here. Plastic toothbrushes create an enormous plastic pollution and threatens the marine life. Moreover, even their production process is already very complicated and energy absorbing since the product itself contains a combination of plastics and rubber. That is why it also causes emission dangerous toxic gases and other by-products.

Thus, it is the right time to switch to something more ecological, like Bamboo Toothbrushes! Because of its robustness and antibacterial properties, bamboo is undoubtedly a perfect material to become the best swap for plastic toothbrushes.


4. Comb

bamboo comb

Despite the fact that the number of produced combs and hairbrushes is not equally high as for instance toothbrushes, they still do damage the environment. Plastic combs and hairbrushes are particularly dangerous because as they easily break down to pieces, animals can eat them by accident. Furthermore, bearing in mind the incredible long time for plastic to decompose (between 500-1000 years), it seems like it’s about time to intervene and change our hair routine to an eco-friendly one…

And here it is: the Bamboo Comb! It will look chic and nice at your vanity or bag while caring about your hair and the environment at the same time! Definitely a win-win!


5. Cutlery

bamboo cutlery, fork knife, spoon

You wouldn’t probably think that the Saturday barbecue cutlery from your grandma’s backyard puts around 700 marine species in danger of extinction? Moreover, one of the main source of ca. 300 000 tons of plastic pollution in waterways and oceans is…plastic cutlery.

As the metal cutlery is a bit better because you don't throw it away right after eating, there are still downfalls to it. The production of metal cutlery releases carbon dioxide, naphthalene, ammonium, crude oil, sulfur and coke dust to the air.

What is the best eco-friendly solution to that? How to replace something that you need all the time, every day?

Bamboo Cutlery is the only right answer here. And don’t worry about eating your favorite veggies that are hard to cut! Since bamboo is known to be used as a building construction material, the cutlery made of it is very robust!


6. Cups

bamboo cups

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. There is a clear connection between the “to-go” coffee culture and the fact that the globe is covered in plastic waste.

We shouldn’t wait until the worse will happen. Let’s start today, from changing your plastic or paper coffee cup to Bamboo Cups. Your beverage will taste much better when you will know that you are doing something right to help our Planet!


If you want to make a positive change and you like the products from this post, you can purchase them in our Bambooco Store.



  • Kuri Chiku

    Bamboo is an Organic Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative Products for every day use. There is no longer an excuse for single use plastics and we should look to use bamboo products to reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans. https://www.kuri-chiku.com

  • Naomi

    I think the sooner we start embracing these natural things the better for us and the world at large. Our health will improve and the environment will be happy and ready to give us better products. It is funny how in the developing countries people came and wiped out all our natural products replacing them with loads of products and metal that is soo harmful. We still have some of the natural products like gourds and calabashes but even the seeds are almost gone. It would be a good thing to define development in totality because civilizations passed through all these stages. Our ancestors had good systems for environmental sustainability than we do today but with small steps we can re-trace them.

  • Cameron

    Bamboo sheets, socks, too. Exciting seeing new products come out. Love testing different things

  • Sksingh

    Bamboo products should be popularized.article should be written in news papers.bamboo cultivation should be promoted.

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